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Planning a Something Blue Bridal Shower

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With a Something Blue theme, it's usually about blue, white and diamonds: A blue favor box, tied with a white ribbon, is the height of elegance.  A personalized box?  All the better. And of course anything 'diamond' will be appreciated!

Set the stage with your invitations: Include some hints in your invites to let your guests know the theme.  The easiest way is to use blue and white (with black print) as your colors and to use the well-known lettering style; this is where everything is written in caps but the first letter of words is one size bigger than the others.  An image of a blue and white gift box or diamond ring on the invitation is fun and lovely! has many affordable invitations to choose from.  And we gladly create custom invitations for you too!

Decor:  Let’s start with the blue.  Although it is hard to find an exact match, most light to medium blues (aqua, turquoise, teal, etc) will work.  If you can find gift wrap in these colors,  gift boxes, tied with a white satin ribbon and bow, will look great set throughout the room as décor.  Vary the sizes for more interest.  Tissue paper pom poms in blue and white will also add great style.

For flower arrangements, create beautiful arrangements with just white flowers and some greenery.  Then finish by tying a sumptuous blue satin ribbon around the vases.

Looking into renting inexpensive white chair covers (from rental service or disposable covers online) and then tie with beautiful fabric bows in an accent color.

 Also, there are many great forms of acrylic diamond confetti to decorate your tables with. Check craft stores or look online for sources.                                                    

Dessert Bar:  There are many ways to incorporate this theme into a dessert bar.  One is simply to have small cards made up in blue and white that state what each item is. To easily make these all you need is a few sheets of blue and white scrapbooking paper and glue found at any craft store.  Make the blue paper a bigger rectangle than the white, glue them together and write on the white.

Cupcakes and cookies are easy to create by tinting white frosting a shade of blue.  You can then, if you’d like, decorate further with decorative white sugar or non-pariels.   You can also wrap cupcakes in blue and white cupcake wrappers for a beautiful look.  Need more inspiration?  Simply go to and type in “blue and white cupcakes” (or “cookies”).

You can also purchase or make themed candy wrappers that turns any Hershey bar or miniatures to dress them up.

Something Blue or Diamond Bridal Shower Favors: There are many exceptional favors to choose from including personalized,  glass magnets which serve as lovely mementos for the bride’s special day. Also small decorative candles that look like blue gift boxes tied with a white ribbon.  If you want to give an edible favor, there are many to choose from including chocolate dipped oreo or graham crackers that include an edible  image and text on them.  Cookie pop favors  are great too. 

You can also purchase beautiful, personalized themed favor boxes and fill with your own sweet treats.

And of course, a diamond theme favor is appropriate and fun!  Available are faux diamond bottle stoppers, diamond key chainsdiamond paperweights and more.

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