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Crayola Plantable Flower Pot Favors

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Earth Friendly Crafts for Kids!

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Diva Entertains was absolutely delighted to come across these eco friendly party favors for kids! Each crayola birthday favor has everything a child needs to grow his own flower. And...the pot is biodegradeable (made of bamboo - a sustainable material).

These earth friendly crafts for kids contain a compressed soil that expands when waters, flower seeds as well as easy planting instructions. You can order just one type of flower favor, or, feel free to pick several flowers. If the latter, just tell us how many of each flower you would like in our "Additional Comments?" text box! Minimum order is 24 favors.

Please allow 7 business days to fulfill your order; then add shipping time.

Crayola Plantable Flower Pot Favors
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Crayola Plantable Flower Pot Favors
fun favors!
i gave an 'art' party for my 8 year old daughter where each person had an easel to create a poster as well as we decorated sugar cookies (delicious artwork!!). these were the take-home favors and when the kids saw 'crayola' on them they were super excited. several of the mom's commented on what a great favor it was.