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Cookie Favors

Planning a special occasion? You don't want to forget to give your guests as a sweet remembrance of the occasion! And Diva Entertains will ensure that your guests will receive a scrumptious treat that is equally beautiful and delicious!

Diva Entertains boasts an impressive collection of cookie favors that will bring sweet joy to your family and guests.  They come in different shapes and designs that will delight your guests and leave big smiles on their faces. We also have amazing shoe cookie favors which are loved by girls - young and old alike! 

Our very popular cookie favors include Oreo  favors which are dipped in chocolate and then topped with your choice of adornments or edible images.  We can also customize your Oreo favors with edible photos and text. 

Special requests?  Please don't hesitate to call or write us!

lantern favors
Just $3.50 each for our hanging lanterns favors. Includes personalization and individual wrapping of your lantern cookies!
lobster favors
Delicious lobster cookies! You can even personalize them!
film party favors
Our comedy tragedy mask cookies can be any color you'd like!
ballerina party favors
Our decorated ballet sugar cookies can be personalized!
Chinese take out favors
FUN Chinese Take Out Favors!