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Cookie Favors

Planning a special occasion? You don't want to forget to give your guests as a sweet remembrance of the occasion! And Diva Entertains will ensure that your guests will receive a scrumptious treat that is equally beautiful and delicious!

Diva Entertains boasts an impressive collection of cookie favors that will bring sweet joy to your family and guests.  They come in different shapes and designs that will delight your guests and leave big smiles on their faces. We also have amazing shoe cookie favors which are loved by girls - young and old alike! 

Our very popular cookie favors include Oreo  favors which are dipped in chocolate and then topped with your choice of adornments or edible images.  We can also customize your Oreo favors with edible photos and text. 

Special requests?  Please don't hesitate to call or write us!

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decorated shoe cookies
Our high heel shoes cookie can be decorated in any color! A must for any fashionista!
under the sea birthday party ideas
So delicious and fun!
Your choice of colored sprinkles and ribbons.
There are so many ways to personalized these cookies - see examples inside!
cookie mix favors
9 cookie cutter choices! Retails for $8.95
birthday bowling party
Fantastic Cookies!
twitter theme party
So Delicious! Lots of sprinkle choices; text & image is edible!
wedding fortune1.jpg
We have so many decorations choices for these including a dip in white, milk or dark chocolate!
bride groom cookies
Our exquisite bride and groom cookies taste every bit as delicious as they look! As low as $3.25 per cookie favor
oreo wedding favors
Your choice of chocolate for the 'dip'!
cherry blossom weddings
Aren't these cherry blossom cookie favors exquisite? You can have theme personalized with your monogram too! As low as $3.75 per cookie favor
candyland wedding theme
Text & Image are edible!
jukebox cookies
Tell us how you would like your cookies decorated!
cupcake cookies
So delicious & fun!
electric guitar cookie
Our personalized electric guitar cookie favor rocks!
elephant favors
So delicious!
cancer cookies
Our beautiful breast cancer cookies taste as delicious as they look!
starfish shaped cookies
Your choice of shape and colors!
graduation cap cookies
Choose your school colors!
kung fu panda cookies
As low as $3.55 for our Kung Fu Panda Cookies.
butterfly cookies decorated
You tell us how you would like these large butterfly sugar cookies decorated!
leopard cookie
As low as $3.25 for our delicious leopard cookies.
lily favors
As low as $3.40 for our lily cookies! Includes personalization
margarita party favors
The next best thing to drinking a Margarita is eating one!
martini cookie
Can you say "Fun"?
motorcyle cookie
You can specify your own colors too!
music cookies
Our wonderfully delicious music cookie favors will be a big hit with your guests!
paw cookies
As low as $3.50 per Paw Print Cookie!
peacock cookie
Our beautiful peacock cookie favors arrives individually wrapped and tied with ribbon.
pear wedding
As low as $3.50 for our beautiful pear wedding cookies!
angel cookies
Our Angel cookies price includes personalization!
stork favors
Choose your color for our stork's 'bundle'! Delicious cookies as low as $3.50 for our stork favors
sunflower cookies
Makes you smile!
bicycle wedding favors
2 designs, you choose colors!
teapot cookies
Choose the cookie colors to match your event.
tennis cookie
Delicious, personalized tennis cookie favors!
wine birthday
Beautiful & Delicious!
zebra cookies
As low as our $3.25 for our delicious zebra cookies.
martini cookies
Such fun! So yum!
lantern favors
Just $3.50 each for our hanging lanterns favors. Includes personalization and individual wrapping of your lantern cookies!
pink ribbon white chocolate
Dipped in Belgian white chocolate - these pink ribbon cookie favors are as delicious as they are beautiful. With meaningful fortunes inside.
lobster favors
Delicious lobster cookies! You can even personalize them!
barbeque favors
Delicious BBQ favors!
martini glass cookies
They can be personalized!
oreo baby shower
Our delicious chocolate-dipped oreo baby shower favors will delight your guests!
calla lillies wedding
As low as $3.50 for our elegant (and delicious!) Calla Lilies Wedding cookies. Free Personalization.
oreo wedding
Our scrumptious oreo favors are sure to please!
birthday oreos
Your choice of decorations! 3 Chocolate Dip choices too!
beer wedding favors
Simply Scrumptious!
pineapple cookies
As low as $3.25 for our delicious pineapple cookies favors. They can even be personalized!
cross cookie favor
Our white chocolate dipped Oreo Cookie comes beautifully wrapped as shown!
baby shower fortune cookies
We have so many decoration choices for these including a dip in white, milk or dark chocolate!
birthday fortune1.jpg
Choose your chocolate dip and decorations for our delicious birthday fortune favors!
breast cancer oreos
Our luscious, pink ribbon oreos are sure to delight!
surfboard party favors
Tell us how you would like your surfboard sugar cookies decorated!
hanukkah cookies
Delicious, Kosher Chocolate Dipped Oreos! Many Designs
cactus cookies
Our delicious, large cactus cookies can be personalized!
film party favors
Our comedy tragedy mask cookies can be any color you'd like!
christmas cookies delivered
Over-sized delicious holiday treats!
pink ribbon cookies
Designed especially for Diva Entertains
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